Step 1: LOVE God


The local church is God’s idea for bringing hope into the world. Being planted in a church is necessary to the success of our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. The local church provides accountability, fellowship with other believers, discipleship, encouragement, and most importantly, a place for you to use the gifts God has placed inside of you to serve Him.


Being baptized is a statement you make to others of becoming a new person in Christ; baptism is an outward expression of your inward decision to dedicate your life to Christ. It is the next step after salvation. It is symbolic of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Jesus was baptized, and He told us to do the same. Our baptism celebrations are just that, a celebration! Be sure to check the calendar to see when the next Baptism Celebration is scheduled. You can use the form below to sign up so that you can take this exciting next step in your relationship with God!

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Attend Growth Track

Growth Track series is designed to help you discover who you are in Christ. On your journey you will learn the foundational truths of your relationship with God. You will learn what God’s word says about fellowship with His church, discipleship, prayer, stewardship and ministry.

You will also discover your personality type and the spiritual gifts God has placed inside of you. This series is one of the most exciting times you will ever experience.

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Step 2: CONNECT with others

Join a Connect Group

Connect groups are our home team ministries. They are designed to connect you with other believers at Faith Christian Outreach.

We have found Connect Groups to be one of the most effective ministries we have, and people of all ages absolutely value and enjoy doing life with others off this campus. It is a non-intimidating, exciting way to build relationships with like-minded, like-hearted individuals who have a passion for living an uncompromised life for Christ.

This is the most important step, other than being baptized, you can take in truly connecting with FCO and growing in your powerful, loving relationship with God! You will find that investing yourself into the life change of others through the love of Christ is the most rewarding and purposeful thing you can do!

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Step 3: REACH the world

Serve and Give

We believe every person has a Godly calling, purpose, and gift to offer the church. Faithco has ministry opportunities for the gifts that God has given us. As you read through this section you will find that Faithco offers many volunteer opportunities. Many opportunities are available Sunday through Friday and involve the whole church working together to reach our community and the world. We are the body of Christ, and we have all been given special and specific gifts to make the body work to its fullest potential. Please be as prayerful as you are intentional about where God is leading you to serve in His church, and becoming a part of furthering His kingdom through service. Click here to sign-up to be a volunteer at FaithCO.

 iServe 90 day challenge:

  1. If you do not serve, pick a place to serve and follow through for 90 days.
  2. If you serve but you feel you need to change, serve in a different area of ministry for 90 days.
  3. If you do not tithe, tithe for this iServe season and our finance department will give you a 90 day money back guarantee. (iServe guarantee).
  4. If you tithe but do not take part in Building Faith, give to Building Faith campaign and our finance department is offering you a 90 day money back guarantee. (iServe guarantee).

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